The Wasted Lands ($WAL) Airdrop

The Wasted Lands gets on the hype train of Worldcup Qatar 2022! Predict the Champion & Share 100,000 $WAL tokens.
About The Wasted Lands
The Wasted Lands is a Puzzle-RPG-Strategy game & Post-Apocalypse Metaverse. Play and feel the irresistible attractiveness of the classic Match-3 board.

How to join the The Wasted Lands Airdrop?
Deadline15th December @ 2:00 pm UTC

Requirements to earn free crypto coins

    Native blockchain

Step-by-Step Guide ''The Wasted Lands Airdrop''

  1. Head to The Wasted Lands Airdrop page, powered by @Galxe.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet. 
  3. Select your 2022 Champion prediction & Complete the easy tasks.
  4. Mint the corresponding NFT before 2:00 pm UTC on Dec 15th. A small gas fee will apply in $BNB.

▪️ 100,000 $WAL tokens will be distributed and shared among all lucky holders who guess the champion correctly. Good Luck!

* Winners will be announced on The Wasted Lands Telegram group once the World Cup ends.

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Estimated value
~$ 2,700 Prize Pool

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