4 Simple Steps To Earn Free Binance Coin BNB: Check It Out

1. What exactly is BscAds? 

BscAds is a PTC, a Pay To Click or Pay To Action website, where users can earn BNB by completing tasks or watch ads

2. How much can I earn ?

More ads you watch, more money you can earn, also you can earn from offerwalls, earnings are unlimited

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3. How can I earn money?

Click on the "Earn Money" menu, then choose the option you want. 

On paid to click ads you need to watch ads for 15-30 secs, then you get credited

On video, you need to watch videos,timer depends on the advertiser and can take 30–60 seconds.

On the offerwall menu, you need to choose the offer and read it, then complete the steps to complete it

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4-  How can I withdraw money?

The minimum payment is 0.00001000 BNB, which is very low.

You need to choose the processor and select the amount, then press next.

 For faucetpay, you can add your email or your bnb address.

For Metamask, you need to copy your address and paste it in your profile!

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