EtherMail, The First Web3 email solution For Anonymous And Encrypted Wallet-to-Wallet Communication: What You need To Know

Traditional Email is showing its inadequacy to Web3 customers with regards to communication: Phishing Attacks, Spamming by marketers, Privacy concerns, Anonymity and Lack of decentralized email standards on Web3.

EtherMail is the first email solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. EtherMail allows fully anonymous and encrypted P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inbox.       

EtherMail is building the bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0 email communication, bringing back to users full ownership, control, and sovereignty of their inbox.

For end users, this means fully anonymous P2P communication and being rewarded for reading relevant content in their inbox.

For companies, this means sending rich, relevant content directly to asset holders based on blockchain-synced, real time information. 

What is the difference between legacy email providers and EtherMail

The EtherMail solution allows advertisers and users to collectively provide a high quality email marketing and communication experience in which both parties know what they’re getting from each other.

The EtherMail solution brings users and companies together through incentive-alignment guided by the following foundational principles:

  • Anonymous communication MUST be possible.

  • Users should be compensated in proportion to how valuable they are to advertisers.

  • Users should be able to freely communicate with each other.   

How Do I Create An Account

Simple! From the home screen just log in with your wallet of choice and sign a transaction agreeing to the terms and conditions. That's it!                

   What is EMC

Before the native utility token is launched, all rewards will initially be allocated in EMC, providing an incentivization mechanism for affiliate members to refer new members, and for reading ANY type of email that is received. Eventually, these EMC rewards will be converted to $EMT. The EMC : $EMT conversion rate will be defined at the time of token launch, serving as an early adopters incentivization tool to prove the MVP. This conversion rate will fluctuate over time, based on market dynamics.

EMC are for valid accounts and valid accounts that have been invited, a valid account will have been confirmed against its activity on the blockchain. Bots and empty shells with no activity are not considered valid accounts.

How Do I Earn EMC ?

For the moment, you can earn EMC by doing five actions:

  • Reading emails: Like the brave model, publishers want to get in touch with you, but you need to be compensated for it. The EMC represents a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism to reward email users for their time and energy sifting through unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics. (+1EMC/mail - Maximum 100EMCs/month and 1000 EMCs per user in total)

  • Connecting your wallet to get access to your EtherMail Account (+50 EMCs)

  • Leaving a secondary Email (+200 EMCs)

  • Completing IMAP connection (+500 EMCs)

  • Inviting Friends: Sharing is caring! Share with your friends and earn 250 EMC for each new registered account.      

How does EtherMail prevent me from email attacks? 

EtherMail is launching with a blockchain backed protocol to fight phishing, spam and more. You’ll find more details about it in the Whitepaper as soon as it is released and published on our website.    

Can EtherMail employees or engineers read emails?

No, we don’t have any access to user data and neither can we spy on user emails, as they are always encrypted. Keys are stored on the blockchain, which means that they are only accessible by the user that logs-in, not by the EtherMail team.

The  mission of EtherMail is to protect the privacy and digital rights of our users.        

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