How to Get Free Crypto With CoinPot

What Is CoinPot

Crypto Faucet is normally a page where you can earn a few coins for just completing a task. CoinPot is one of the leading free crypto earning platforms where you can make money from home! It's easy to make money with CoinPot as you have many options to earn with very simple tasks. Get started now

What Features It Provide

1- Faucet:

It's simple to use the faucet. You just need to solve a simple yet fun captcha and you get the reward and you can repeat this simple task 300 times in a day and it's available in 5-minute gaps for everyone.

2- PTC:

PTC is paid to click ads that are advertised by advertisers. These are links to other projects such as other earning sites, crypto blogs, etc. You need to simply visit these links from our PTC section and wait for the time counter to finish and then solve our fun captcha to get the reward.

3- Offerwalls:

There are about 15 offer walls which you can use to earn as much as you like, even $100 per day. These offers are provided by different offer wall providers and the offers vary from country to country. Every place gets different offers and surveys according to their country or city or language. We have simple offers as well like visiting sites, watching videos, etc which are available for everyone and are easy to do and earn money. Offers and surveys can take up to 24 hours to get credits. 

4- Referral System:

There is a referral system where you can invite your friends, family or advertise us on other platforms to get referrals and earn on every activity they perform. You get 25% of their earnings for a lifetime. It's like passive income which keeps generating on a daily basis when your referred players make any activity and you also get a chance to win our weekly referral contests.

5- Daily Bonus:

The daily bonus gives you extra earnings on faucets + XP + Energy and you have to keep claiming a daily bonus on an everyday basis to keep your bonus intact. If you miss it then it will roll back to day 0 again.

6- Shortlinks:

These links are provided by different URL shortener sites which you have to visit and complete 2-3 pages to get the reward. In these 2-3 pages you will have to complete the captcha and then click on the link to get back to CoinPot so your reward gets credited.

7- Tasks:

There is  a tasks system where you get a chance to complete some easy tasks to earn money in return such as the following Twitter or following on telegram, etc. Once you complete the task we will manually verify if you have performed the task or not and pass or deny your task accordingly. It can take upto 1 week for tasks to be cleared as we have 100k+ users.

8- Mining:

There is a web mining as well which you can use to mine coins from your ideal browser. You just need to keep the mining page open and click on the start button to mine the coins. You can then withdraw these coins to your main balance as soon as it gets a minimum of 100 coins.

9- Achievements:

Apart from the claiming you can also claim daily achievement rewards for performing the tasks you did such as Claiming 25 faucets or doing short links, etc. These achievements are refreshed every 24 hours so you can claim every day!

10- Games:

There are 4 games that you can play to multiply your coins: DICE, Coinflip, wheel of Fortune, and lottery. All instructions related to games are written on every game page itself.

11- Contests:

We have weekly contests of around $50 in which you can win by competing with other players such as claiming faucets, doing short links, inviting more players, or doing offers. These contests are reset every week on Sunday night. 

What Are Coins And Can I Withdraw Coins To Any Cryptocurrency?

Coins are the credits/money you earn while using our faucet, PTC, offerwalls, etc. The value of a coin is based on 100,000 coins = $1 and it will stay the same always. 

Once you accumulate at least 1000 coins you can then withdraw them to your faucetpay account and instantly enjoy the reward. Coins can be withdrawn to all the available cryptocurrencies on the withdrawal page.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Withdrawal?

There are multiple withdrawal methods and from them Faucetpay & Expresscrypto are instant and Direct & Coinex can take upto 72 hours for the withdrawa!

Sometimes Faucetpay & Expresscrypto can also take upto 24 hours if the system has detected any kind of unusual activity!

Can I Withdraw To Coinbase?

Yes, you can withdraw to Coinbase or any other direct wallets/exchanges just select the Direct Wallet option while you are withdrawing and use the correct wallet address.

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