Line Launches ‘Game Dosi’ Web3 Platform in Japan, Here’s What You Should Know.

Web3 has the potential to form a new digital economy with a greater social impact than conventional economies, providing clearly defined benefits and secure environments for success.

A teaser site for Game Dosi has been launched that invites users to “Experience the Revolution” in the backdrop of colorful, moving graphics.

With the slogan "Gamer First, Web3 Next,” GAME DOSI is a Web3, blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to provide fun and engaging games that users can enjoy without worrying about understanding the details of decentralized or crypto technology. Users can own digital goods and trade them easily in the Web3 games thanks to the intuitive UX GAME DOSI offers. In addition, GAME DOSI provides solutions to enable game developers to conveniently create their own blockchain-based Web3 games and build communities.

An all-in-one platform built using LINE’s knowhow and technology, GAME DOSI includes:

  • An easy-to-use development kit tool and administrative system 

  • Legal support, to help developers check regulations and risks in their game development

  • Marketing and promotion support, utilizing marketing solutions on LINE’s services

  • “Tokenomics” consulting, to advise in creating token economies optimized for each game

  • Community building features

  • Ready-made assets and open source resources for convenient game development.

Users can now take a first look at the GAME DOSI branding page (, and game pre-sales to be launched soon. 

LINE NEXT continues to work on popularizing NFTs through expanding its services, with the recent opening of a DOSI C2C marketplace, the addition of membership benefits to DOSI Citizen and the launch of DOSI Adventure. By opening GAME DOSI, LINE NEXT looks forward to creating immersive Web3 games with game developers and accelerating the growth of Web3 gaming. 

 About LINE NEXT Inc.

Based in the United States, LINE NEXT Inc. is focused on growing the global NFT business. Through blockchain and NFT technology, LINE NEXT aims to provide new digital experiences and lead the way into the future.  


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