Top 10 Solid Ways to Make Money from Crypto in 2022

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured from counterfeiting or duplicating using cryptography. Decentralization is the key feature of cryptocurrencies. This means that cryptocurrencies have no internal or external administrator.

For this reason, banks, state authorities, judicial, tax, and so on, cannot control the transactions of crypto users. They can’t influence the activities of the blockchain system that keeps all data with cryptocurrency wallets and transactions.

The easiest way to make money with crypto is to follow the predictions of experts about the increase in the popularity of crypto-related projects. You can also use cryptocurrency peer-to-peer basis to make quick money transferring over the internet.

For you to make money with crypto after a certain period, probably in a few months, it’s vital to study and analyze in detail the prospects of the selected currency.

All crypto users have their wallets where they store virtual coins. You need to know the address of your wallet so as to transfer your asset to another wallet. The user creates a new transaction when sending funds, the legitimacy of which is guaranteed by the presence of his digital signature.

Blockchain is the foundation of all cryptocurrencies. It’s a public register of data on wallets and transfers stored on a variety of independent computers.

In this article, we are going to explore the 20 top ways you can make profits from the crypto business in 2022.

1.    1. Buy and Hold

To buy a cryptocurrency, the investor has to assess the entire market, as well as the condition and prospects in the market.

Fundamental analysis techniques are required when making a choice of a suitable coin to invest in. You need to analyze the overall picture of the market and endeavor to understand how the crypto community functions now and what will happen to the market in a few years. This will help you to make money in crypto.

To hold crypto, the investor or buyer of that crypto has to wait for a long time for the coin to surge and gain value. It’s just like holding an asset. This equally looks like buying a cryptocurrency, keeping it in a wallet, and forgetting it for a long time.

In the process of keeping a cryptocurrency, the investor might be perturbed by the inevitable fluctuations in the exchange rate, most especially beginners, and that causes doubt and changes the mind of the asset holder to sell it off.

However, if you want to practice the buy & hold method, you need to keep the chosen asset in spite of the movement in the market.

2.    Mining

In mining, you have to create new blocks for a fixed fee. When using video cards, mining most cryptocurrencies becomes very effective. In order to maintain the stable operation of the protocol, miners spend computing power. A mining farm is made up of one cluster through a number of video cards combined into one cluster.

Mining requires a high cost of energy apart from buying video cards. Besides, video cards running at full power give out a large amount of heat. The average payback time ranges from a number of months to one and a half years.

3.    Lending and Borrowing

Starting crypto lending will help you make extra money from crypto investments. In cryptocurrency lending, the participation of lenders and borrowers and agreements between them are involved. Some of the crypto exchanges that support crypto lending include SALT Lending, Oasis, Celsius, BlockFi, and Nexo.

Particularly, contracts in which borrowers pledge their holdings of cryptocurrency as collateral are included in cryptocurrency loans.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make extra money from your cryptocurrency, lending is one of the possible ways worth trying.

But again, lending is one of the possible ways worth exploring if you are looking for a way to make your cryptocurrency work so you can make extra money.

4.    Airdrops

Developers run airdrops when they want to support new cryptocurrencies. The expiry of the airdrop project is shown on the internet. So, always go surf the internet to know when a particular airdrop is going to end.

Users on the company’s website, social media, and other crypto news platforms often promote airdrops. Hackers sometimes use fake airdrop projects and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to scam victims.

Because a lot of coins that are issued in the form of air bubbles are not very valuable investment stores, experts recommend sticking to the more well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

5.    5. Trading

The best way to make money with cryptocurrency and a classic way to raise capital is to trade currency. To make money trading cryptocurrency, you have to first register on the digital currency exchange and walk through an easy verification process to fill up the balance.

The irregularity in the crypto market makes the prices of assets either rise or fall in price dramatically over a short span.

To become a successful trader, you need proper technical and analytical skills. These skills will help you analyze the market chart of the performance of the listed assets in order to make a correction of the price rise and fall.

Depending on whether you expect the asset’s price to rise or fall, you can either buy or sell while trading crypto.

6.    6. Creating, minting, and Selling an NFT

An NFT is known as a non-fungible token and is described as something that has a unique record on a blockchain.

Creating, minting, and selling your own NFT is another proven and tested way to make money with cryptocurrency.

You will have to create the image, music, or post you want to sell as an NFT and then buy Ethereum and move it to an external crypto wallet.

Minting means putting a record of the NFT on the blockchain, and you can sell your NFT. You will have to pay a blockchain network fee known as Gas before you can mint an NFT.

You will need to add a price and list your NFT for sale after minting it. Promote your NFT so that people, including your friends and relatives, can see it and buy it.

7.    7. Becoming a P2P Trader

People gather at peer-to-peer marketplaces to buy or sell various cryptocurrencies. Many crypto exchanges make provisions for peer-to-peer trading so people can sell to those looking to buy and buy also from sellers at a low price. In order to avoid getting scammed, ensure you are using a verified exchange P2P platform like Binance.

This means that you can sell your crypto to people looking for a way to buy. You can also buy from people at a low price. Always make sure you are using a verified exchange P2P platform to avoid getting scammed. 

For you to become a crypto P2P trader, you need to first of all sign up on an exchange that offers P2P services. Register to become a trader, after which you will list the cryptocurrency you want to sell to people or buy from them. Add the price you want to either sell or buy and the amount of crypto you have to trade and then wait for people to send you trade requests on the platform.

8.    8. Make Money from Crypto Faucet

You can generate income from faucet sites for doing an activity in the form of watching an ad, completing surveys, and more. You can earn extra coins or levels when you watch an ad. Moon Bitcoin, Moon Litecoin, and Coinfaucet are examples of popular crypto faucets.

For you to start earning on faucet sites, you need to register on the one you find best for you, based on the activities you will have to complete and the reward you will earn.

You may be prompted to sign up or connect your wallet to the faucet to complete the faucet activities. Deposit your earnings in your exchange or external wallet.

9.    9. Arbitrage

Arbitrage is the best way to make money from crypto in the most low-risk way. Using this method requires that you buy crypto at a low price on one exchange, move the crypto you just bought to another exchange and sell it at a higher price. For example, you may buy a cryptocurrency at $500 in one exchange and sell it $600 on another and make a profit of $100.

10.10. Investing Early

Investing early in crypto is a big gain. For example, those who bought Bitcoin when it was $50 would have made a 100,000% growth today. Joining a whitelist will help you buy a cryptocurrency before anyone else at a lower price with the intention to make profits later. People on the lists of most new cryptocurrencies are allowed to take part in presale.


Cryptocurrencies have become a way of making money on crypto and also making electronic payments. The global financial system has been changed by the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are still in the early stage in spite of the clear advantages. The further development of digital money will depend on how successfully developers and users cope with these problems.

There are a couple of other ways you can make money from crypto this year apart from the ones listed above. Those ways surely bring profits, but the ones we presented to you are certainly better once mastered, and they are perhaps less wearisome to understand and deal with.

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